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Public safety, justice and security

Whether the trend is demographic changeglobal power shiftsrapid urbanisationclimate change and resource scarcity, or technological breakthroughs – they all have a potentially dramatic impact on order and security, the laws and their enforcement, on jurisdictions and geographic boundaries and finally on sovereignty: the cornerstones of states and governments. PwC is actively helping governments around the world to understand and respond to increasing complex and unpredictable challenges in the area of public safety, justice and security.

In PwC’s Global Government Security Network, PwC professionals who help governments across the globe cooperate and share knowledge and expertise to build trust and solve complex problems in the areas of Public Safety, Justice and Security. The focus of our offerings is on six key elements in public safety, justice and security.

Justice & law enforcement

  • Police
  • Correctional services
  • Courts
  • Judiciary
  • Public prosecution
  • Predictive policing
  • Digital policing
  • Performance improvement

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Border management

  • Border protection
  • Immigration
  • Customs (trade & cargo)
  • Smart borders
  • Risk optimisation
  • Performance improvement
  • Travel facilitation
  • Passenger pre-screening

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National security

  • Intelligence services
  • Police
  • Pubic prosecution
  • Homeland security
  • Intelligence improvement
  • Big data analytics
  • Crises governance
  • Critical infrastructure protection

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Cyber security

  • National cyber security centres & cert’s
  • Data protection agencies
  • Develop cyber security strategies
  • Securing online public data
  • Technology improvement
  • Risk assessment

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Crisis & safety management

  • National crisis and disaster agencies
  • Police
  • Ambulance/paramedics
  • Fire department
  • Local government
  • Command & control centres
  • Prevention
  • Emergency recovery
  • Emergency payments
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Emergency response organisations

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Fighting fraud & corruption

  • Law enforcement
  • Financial/fiscal authorities
  • Public procurement functions
  • Anti-corruption agencies
  • Institutional improvement
  • Big data analytics
  • Governance models
  • Risk optimisation

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George Alders

Global Government Security Network, Director

Tel: +31 88 792 32 85