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International Tax Services

Greater confidence and clarity, through a globally connected tax network

We’re by your side, wherever you operate, to help your organisation and your teams understand and manage your global tax affairs. So you can be sure you’re doing the right things, in the right places at the right times – and that you’re set up to achieve your strategic goals.

From complexity to clarity

If you’re an organization doing business around the world, we can help you simplify the complexity of tax.

Today, global political and social disruption will affect how you need to approach tax – from unexpected events challenging your structure and supply chains, to the political fallout of trade wars. You and your people are likely to be working across borders more than ever, with the added complexity that brings. And legislation and tax reforms are constantly changing the rules of play in each country you operate in – which your teams not only need to understand but comply with.

Our International Tax Services teams are here to help you navigate it all. We’re a large but tightly connected group of tax professionals with hubs around the world. Together we can help you overcome cross-border tax challenges and identify opportunities to achieve your business goals. We can help you define the right tax strategies and operational structures to stay competitive and support your global footprint. And we can use tax modelling to predict the effects of tax changes, so you see the impact before you act.


Our services

We work with global clients around the world to help them with:

  • Tax treaties and the tax landscape: understanding changes, such as BEPS, ATAD, DAC6, MLI and US tax reform, and the impact these have on operations
  • Tax strategy: developing and executing tax strategies, helping to manage effective tax rates and comply with diversified tax regulations and requirements
  • Cross-border transactions: creating value through integrated global structuring
  • Tax stakeholders: managing the increasingly wide and dynamic group of interested parties, from investors to tax authorities and NGOs
  • Incentives: managing and identifying opportunities, such as IP structures and R&D credits around the world

How we can help you

Integrated global structuring

We help global businesses structure their tax arrangements to support their strategic goals. Our teams around the world have detailed knowledge of local tax environments and regulations—as well as expertise in areas such as tax strategy, transfer pricing, and M&A Tax. Together, we offer an integrated approach to help you structure your organisation in the most tax-effective way.

That might mean pro-active planning, considering the ever-shifting global regulatory landscape, including:

  • Planning for policy and tax reform changes
  • Considering global tax law changes, including BEPS, MLI, ATAD and DAC6, and interest deductibility
  • Managing global tax uncertainty, increasing demands for CbCR and transparency, and changes in the Digital Economy

Whatever the challenge, our integrated approach will help you make tax decisions with increased confidence, identify new sources of value, and create opportunities for tax to be a catalyst for business success.

Value Chain Transformation (VCT)

It’s likely that your supply chains cross borders, your workers are based around the world, and your operations span multiple tax jurisdictions. In an increasingly globalized business environment, and with the Digital Economy now a way of life, we can help you transform the way you approach tax within your value chain.

We would work with you to:

  • Consider the most effective structures for owning IP around the world
  • Centralize procurement teams
  • Understand the pros and cons of creating regional ‘hubs’ that make you more resilient in the face of uncertainty
  • Consider customs and duties as your goods and services flow across borders

We can help you bridge the gap between business strategy and efficient operations, delivering tailored options that align to your specific footprint.


Global tax reform means that legislation and regulations are constantly changing. Responding to these changes is complex. It’s not enough to react on intuition. Smart tax functions today are using data-driven approaches to think ahead and act on robust, trusted data. In short, modelling the impacts of tax planning and structuring, so they can see the impact before they make the change

We’ll help you adopt best-practice modelling by:

  • Taking your tax data – often through CbCR information – and running it through tools that show the impact of existing and potential tax structures on their global tax profile
  • Evaluating the impacts before you act, through scenario planning

Global Research & Development Incentives

Our worldwide network of R&D experts is ready to help you efficiently manage your investments in innovation. We can help you shape your global R&D strategy in terms of where you spend your R&D budgets, based on efficient ownership of IP and jurisdictional relief. We understand the global incentives that are available to you, such as R&D credits, and can help you consider the effect of financial factors such as transfer pricing or lP incentives.

We’ll work together to:

  • Identify the research activities that are available
  • Analyze detailed accounting records to identify costs that qualify for jurisdictional relief
  • Gather, organize and develop documentation to support and defend eligible costs if tax authorities initiate an enquiry
  • Develop procedures and technologies to make you more efficient and effective in terms of identifying, documenting, calculating, and sustaining current and future incentives

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COVID-19 presents significant challenges to people and organisations around the globe and the disruption continues to evolve. To help you cut through the complexity, PwC's team of specialists collaborated to create a resource for you to stay abreast of the changes that impact your business.

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