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Tax & the regulatory environment

Environmental taxes and regulations are constantly increasing in number and scope and evolving as more countries introduce them. It’s important that you clearly understand their impact on your existing and planned business operations so that you can make informed strategic decisions and take advantage of emerging opportunities to reduce costs.

Our global network of sustainability and climate change tax specialists can help you to:

  • Assess your current global exposure to environmental taxes and regulations; help you to manage risks and optimise your tax position from a sustainability perspective; and proactively engage with regional policy makers.
  • Understand your sustainability compliance obligations and take advantage of subsidies, grants, taxes and other incentives; develop strategies that optimise the impacts of carbon, climate change and resource scarcity on your tax position; and prepare for future policy developments.
  • Understand your tax department’s role in supporting your sustainability strategy and make sure your sustainability investments are evaluated on an after-tax basis, with available incentives factored into your financial returns.
  • Enhance your corporate reputation directly through sustainability-focused initiatives and indirectly through your Total Tax Contribution.

Case studies

Environmental taxes and incentives

Global: Cross-industry

Our client wanted to understand its exposure to environmental taxes globally, and what incentives were available to them in the various jurisdictions in which it operates. Learn more

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The Total Tax Contribution (TTC) methodology

Global: Retail & consumer

Although our client included tax payments in its sustainability report, these were just corporate tax payments and the company felt that this was only part of the picture. Learn more

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